Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Man on the run - but nobody chasing

Published Aug. 16 on Norwich Evening News site.

Man is home free!

Man held for spitting at driver

Published Aug. 16 on OttawaSun.com.

Man crushed in waste plant horror

Published Aug. 16 on EveningTimes.co.uk.

Man wins $270,000 after radio show identifies him as gay

Published Aug. 13 on MercuryNews.com.


Published Aug. 16 on Mirror.co.uk.

Another thrilling chapter in the saga of diaper-clad Man.

Woman forgives man who threw turkey

Published Aug. 15 on WashingtonTimes.com.

Aww, Woman shows Man some mercy.

Man gets 20 traffic tickets at once

Published Aug. 16 on ktvotv3.com (ABC News site).

Monday, August 15, 2005


Man finds 'chewed off' foot

Published Aug. 15 on iol.com.

Man allegedly bites mail carrier as joke

Published Aug. 15 in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Another take on the "barking man bites mail carrier" story. Either way, Man looks bad.

Police seek diaper-clad man who pesters women

Published Aug. 15 on today.reuters.com.

Man catalogues North Korea's over-the-top rhetoric

Published Aug. 14 on Yahoo! News.

Thanks to Peatbogfaery for this and the next beautiful submissions to The Story of Man!

Also this addendum to the story, from Peatbogfaery:
"And finally, not a headline, but an organisation! 'Man not included' Awww, poor man. Perhaps this is why he so violent, he is feeling left out (http://www.mannotincluded.com/)!"

Man kicks girlfriend out, then neighbor's door in

Published July 28 on Cleveland.com.

Peatbogfaery says: "a violent hokey-cokey?"

Friday, August 12, 2005


Man Trains Mice To Surf

Published Aug. 12 on NBC6.net (Florida).

Subhead: Furry Mammals Shoot The Curl

Man Allegedly Trying To Rob Church Dies After Beating By Witnesses

Published Aug. 12 on TheJacksonChannel.com (Jackson, Miss.).

Bible thumpers?

Man 'forgot' bomb in baggage

Published Aug. 12 in The Daily Telegraph.

Man Hit, Killed By Own Truck

Published Aug. 12 on 10News.com (San Diego).

The vehicle strikes back against Man.

Man robs bank, then waits for police

Published Aug. 12 on kgw.com (Oregon/Washington state news site).

Barking man bites mail carrier

Published Aug. 12 on AberdeenNews.com.

Thanks for this glorious chapter in the Story of Man, Mr. Mike!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Man breaks 'punkin' record

Published Aug. 11 on News-Miner.com (Fairbanks, Alaska).

Woohoo! Way to go, Man!

Officials: Man Wearing Orange Pants Robs Bank

Published Aug. 11 on NewsNet5.com.

Ooh, good thing they put that description out there. There's no way Man could change out of the orange pants.

Man king-hit 'over car dent'

Published Aug. 11 in The Advertiser (Australian news site).

"A MAN described as a 'gentle giant' bashed a drunk because he made a dent in his beloved car, a Brisbane court has been told.

"New Zealander Anthony Ferise Taua, 28, was so incensed that Troy Fale, 24, had kicked the rear guard of his car in a drunken rage, he retaliated by king-hitting him."

Is king-hitting sort of like when somebody says, "I'm gonna crown ya!"

Man Shoots Car, Silences Annoying Car Alarm

Published Aug. 11 on ABC News.

Man admits lying about ‘Wonka’ role on résumé

Published Aug. 10 in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Thanks for this one Mr. Mike!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Strangers rally to replace man's stolen tricycle

Published Aug. 10 in the London Free Press.

Isn't it heartwarming when people lend Man a helping hand?

Man charged for upskirt cell-phone picture

Published Aug. 10 in the Kansas City Star.

"OK Man, one upskirt cell-phone picture... that'll be 30 cents please."

Man Blames Dr. Phil After Locking Wife In Trunk

Published Aug. 10 on Channel3000.com (television news site).

Man admits to bashing

Published Aug. 11 on The Standard (Australian news site).

It's about time Man admitted to his bashing.

Man jailed over 'repugnant' porn

Published Aug. 10 on Scotsman.com.

You know it's bad news when they find Man's repugnant porn.

Man Dies After 49 Hours of Computer Games

Published Aug. 10 on Yahoo! News.

This headline brought to you by both Peatbogfaery and Mr. Mike. Good eye!

Man forgets wife at Italy petrol station for 6 hrs

Published Aug. 8 on Yahoo! News.

Another dual submission by Peatbogfaery and Mr. Mike. The Story of Man thanks you.

Girls Witness Man Exposing Himself On Bike

Published Aug. 4 on Yahoo! News.

I hope Man was using a gel seat on that bike.

Man accused of dribbling animal urine at state lab

Published Aug. 4 on USAToday.com.

Nude Man in Ski Mask Enters Sandwich Shop

Published Aug. 5 on Yahoo! News.

Another quality Nude Man entry, brought to you by Mr. Mike.

Man loses eye after bottle attack

Published Aug. 10 on BBC News.

There is a theme running through this and the following two submissions, all from Mr. Mike. Man has a tendency to lose things...

Man Loses Ear In Hit-And-Run Accident

Published Aug. 10 on Yahoo! News.

"Dang it, I know I had my ear before the accident. Maybe I should retrace my steps..."

Man Thought Lost in Utah Found in Australia

Published Aug. 9 on Yahoo! News.

Man accidentally runs over wife twice

Published Aug. 10 on Yahoo! News Australia.

Thanks Mr. Mike for this submission!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Man dragged by testicles, court told

Published Aug. 4 on Shepparton News Online.

Man who used cattle prod on son is sentenced

Published Aug. 4 on NashuaTelegraph.com.

'Bored' man cut off tail of pet goldfish

Published Aug. 4 on Scotsman.com.

Oooh, a new Man category! First there was Naked Man, now Bored Man.

Man Gets Death for Killing Wife After Sex

Published Aug. 4 on SFGate.com.

"Panama City, Fla. (AP) -- A man who got angry with his wife because she wanted to cuddle after sex when what he really wanted to do was watch sports on television was sentenced to death for killing her with a claw hammer."

Man suffers gunshot wound from own gun

Published Aug. 4 in the Columbia Daily Tribune (Missouri).

Man allegedly killed sister for being a nag

Published Aug. 4 in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Man clones best friend

Published Aug. 4 on TheAge.com (Australian news site).

Man Gets Married; Slacks Off On Man Site

Ok, this wasn't really a real headline. It was a suggested header by Mr. Mike as a way to say we miss the contributions from Danny, who is getting married this weekend. We'll cut him some slack 'cause he's been pretty busy, but we're hoping he gets back on the Man bandwagon soon. We miss you Danny!

Man's finger just makes the train

Published July 27 on Yahoo! News.

I wonder if the finger was traveling with the thumb Man lost at Midwest Pipe Coating.

This lovely submission (and the following five entries) were brought to you by Mr. Mike, a faithful contributor of Man headlines and our most loyal fan.

Cops Find Nude Man Looking for Gump's Home

Published July 26 on Yahoo! News.

Man In Fiji Raised As A Chicken

Published July 9 on NBC10.com (Philadelphia).

Man Allegedly Steals Hundreds of Undies

Published July 30 on Yahoo! News.

Man Pleads Guilty, Then Gets Married

Published Aug. 2 on Yahoo! News.

"Man: If love is a crime, then lock me up....please!" said Mr. Mike.

Man Pays Speeding Ticket in Pennies

Published Aug. 3 on Yahoo! News.

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