Friday, August 12, 2005


Man 'forgot' bomb in baggage

Published Aug. 12 in The Daily Telegraph.
Fancy forgetting that man!!

Prompted yet again by Yahoo - 'Man catalogues North Korea's over-the-top rhetoric'(, I offer these up for your perusal:

'Man kicks girlfriend out, then neighbor's door in' - a violent hokey-cokey?

'"Man" Kicks Woman at Protest in US' - love that man is in quotes - perhaps people are unsure of Man's identity?! Whatever - come on Man, less violence, please! (

'Fat-Tax Man Collects Millions From Feds' So he wouldn't sit at their table?

And finally, not a headline, but an organisation!
'Man not included' Awww, poor man. Perhaps this is why he so violent, he is feeling left out!
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