Saturday, July 23, 2005


Man makes his living retrieving balls from golf course lakes

Published July 23 in the Grand Forks Herald (

Man testifies he blacked out when his penis was severed

Published July 21 on

Man Knocked Unconscious While Eluding Rock

Published July 22 on

Man shot in chest with spear; he's OK

Published July 23 on (site for the San Diego Union-Tribune).

What? Man shot in chest with spear? Holy crap! Wait, he's ok? Whew.

Naked Man Shot, Crashes Squad Car Into Bus

Published July 19 on Yahoo! News.

Another classic Naked Man headline, courtesy of Mr. Mike. The following three headlines are also from Mr. Mike. Thanks!

After Chase, Man Ends Up in Own Courtroom

Published July 20 on Yahoo! News.


Wheelchair-Bound Condo President Allegedly Shoots Man

Published July 20 on Yahoo! News.

I've heard those wheelchair-bound condo presidents are a dangerous breed.

Crash claims man

Published July 21 in the Chillicothe Gazette.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Man lost was found, now safe

Published July 19 in the Shelby Star (North Carolina).

Another great one from Mr. Mike.

Man Sued Over Mailing of Feces, Garbage

Published July 16 on Yahoo! News.

This story is worth a read beyond the awesome headline. Man strikes back!

This one and the next headline are courtesy of Mr. Mike.

Man arrested in Germany after 'falling for' emergency hotline voice

Published July 18 on Yahoo! News.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Man sues, blames fall on liquid, nut shells on Bradenton bar floor

Published July 16 on (southwest Florida news site).

Damn liquid and nut shells! They get me every time.

Man Robbed Twice in Five Minutes

Published July 15 on

Man had similar bad luck in an incident in June, "Man mugged twice more before police arrive."

Man Who Froze Ted Williams' Head Will Freeze Bodies In South Florida

Published July 15 on (Miama/Ft. Lauderdale tv news site).

What a psycho!

Man says wife not woman, seeks divorce

Published July 16 on (India news site).

Man dies after sex with horse

Published July 16 in The Times of India (Reuters story).

Man's Ear Bitten Off in Fight Over Dog

Published July 11 on Yahoo! News (AP).

This and the following two headlines were submitted by Mr. Mike. Thanks Mr. Mike!

He writes: "I thought this was a fight WITH a dog, but that would be too normal for a Man story!"

Man Tries to Rob Same Calif. Bank 5 Times

Published July 13 on Yahoo! News (AP story).


Naked man robs young women on Latvian beach

Published July 12 on Yahoo! News (AP story).

Maybe we should start a separate category for "Naked Man" headlines. There are tons of them!

Sunday, July 10, 2005


Man Lights Himself on Fire to Propose

Published July 6 on Yahoo! News (AP story).

Submitted by Mr. Mike. He says:

"Man: Will you marry meoowwwww! It burns! It burns! Oh my God, the pain!"

Man Sues Mass. for Right to Get Drunk

Published July 8 on Yahoo! News (AP story).

Submitted by Mr. Mike. He asks:

"What is this world coming to where Man does not have the right to get drunk, wear electric underwear, or cut off his own penis?"

Man drowns despite 911 call by Bill Daley

Published July 10 in the Chicago Tribune.

Even Bill Daley couldn't save Man.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Man used electric underpants 'to fake heart attack'

Published July 5 in The Guardian.

Man Shoots Party Guest Over Piece Of Chicken

Published July 5 on, a south Florida news site.

Man caught in blackberry bushes during fireworks show

Published July 5 in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Man loses ear in Sydney machete attack

Published July 6 in the Sydney Morning Herald.

I just had that ear a second ago, now what did I do with it...

Saturday, July 02, 2005


Man Said to Recite Pi to 83,431 Digits

Published July 2 on, an ABC News web site (out of Virginia or Maryland). The story is by AP out of Tokyo.

Man with curly, fake beard robs credit union

Published July 2 on (San Diego Union-Tribune site).

Damn that Man and his tricky getups!

Man receives bite on hand while stopping dog fight

Published July 2 in the Contra Costa Times.


Man Stuck Between Two Countries Will Finally Fly Home

Published July 2 on All Headline

Man beheads himself at work

Published July 2 on (South African news site).

‘Most unlucky man’ now prays regularly

Published July 3 in The Star online (Malaysia).

I suppose earning the title "most unlucky man" would encourage one to reconnect with God.

Man Accused of Drunk Shopping Cart Driving

Published June 28 on Yahoo! News (AP story).

Thanks for passing this one along Mr. Mike!

Man lying on road run over

Published July 3 in the Melbourne Herald Sun (Australian news site).

Sheesh, Man can't even lie on the road anymore without being run over. What is this world coming to?

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