Sunday, September 18, 2005


Man Who Punched Dr. Dre Gets Year in Jail

Published Sept. 15 on Yahoo! News.

This headline brought to you by Mr. Mike.

Laughing gas blamed for man's death

Published Sept. 19 on

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Man nearly nabbed for doing good deeds

Published Sept. 13 on (Des Moines).

Neighbors Beat Man After Wild ATV Ride With Child

Published Sept. 12 on Yahoo! News.

This headline (and the next one) courtesy of Mr. Mike.

Man arrested in paper-bag holdups

Published Sept. 12 on

Was man holding people with paper bags up? Or using paper bags to hold people up? Or was he merely propping paper bags upright somehow?

"Henrico police said [Man], 44, is accused of being the "paper-bag robber" who used a bag to conceal a gun during the robberies."

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Jury finds man guilty in Piggly Wiggly holdup

Published Sept. 11 in The Sun News.

The "Piggly Wiggly" made this header Story of Man-worthy, in my opinion.

Man had a bit of luck on his side in the face of teens’ prank

Published Sept. 11 in the Virginian-Pilot.

Finally, Man has some luck in dealing with these damn kids!

Teacher: Man with Tourette's battles barriers to realize dream

Published Sept. 11 in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Man admits strangling doctor, cites distress

Published Sept. 11 in the Buffalo News.

"GOSHEN (AP) - A Monroe man has admitted strangling a doctor who had posed as a woman and performed oral sex on him.

"[Man], 27, said he suffered extreme emotional distress when Dr. Robert Binenfeld lifted his dress and revealed male genitalia on Dec. 21, 2004. [Man] said the doctor then grabbed his private parts, which prompted [Man] to strangle him."

Man posing as Jamaican accused of bank robbery

Published Sept. 11 on

Friday, September 09, 2005


Man run over by his own truck

Published Sept. 9 in the Brattleboro Reformer.

Man loses hand in crocodile attack

Published Sept. 9 on

Man: "Dang, I had that hand a second ago... wait, I remember now. I had it right before that croc attack!"

Armless man encourages students to 'get up off the floor'

Published Sept. 9 in the Olney Daily Mail.

Naked man shot, killed by police near Sandy

Published Sept. 8 on (Oregon/Washington state news site).

Another thrilling chapter in the adventures of Naked Man.

Man 'living as a woman' arrested in holdup of bank in Santa Ana

Published Sept. 9 in the Orange County Register. (This site requires a free registration in order to read the story).

Mayor of Man Resigns

Published Sept. 9 on (West Virginia news site).

Man: You're not the boss of me, Mayor!

Who knew there was a town of Man (here's a map)?

Man covered in hot tar after crash

Published Sept. 9 on

Man jailed for warden spit attack

Published Sept. 8 on BBC News.

Man takes the rap for the warden's spit attack?
Thanks Mr. Mike for this headline and the following headline!

Man's legs broken when he's crushed in trash truck

Published Sept. 9 on (San Francisco news site).

I hate it when that happens.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Finally: a Man update

I know, I know... it's been a while.

Man makes off with $17,000 prosthetic leg

Published Sept. 5 on (Toledo).

Missing man located

Published Sept. 6 on (Sault Ste. Marie news site).

Thank goodness! Now we can all sleep better at night.

Rowdy Concert Could Cost Man An Eye

Published Aug. 19 on Yahoo! News.

The lastest on Man's antics, courtesy of Mr. Mike.

Man wasn't really woman, suit claims

Published Aug. 19 on

Thanks for this winning headline, Mr. Mike!

Drugs in jeans man walks free

Published Sept. 6 on

An interesting twist on Man identification. Look guys -- it's drugs-in-jeans Man!

Man claims $400-a-week cannabis habit

Published Sept. 7 on (New Zealand news site).

Suggested subhead: Spends an additional $300 per week on munchies, local grocer says

Hippo attack kills bathing man

Published Sept. 6 on

Damn those hippo attacks. They must be stopped!

Man Upset After Bomb Squad Destroys His Cannonball

Published Sept. 6 on

Is this some kind of code?

Man survives snooze under moving train

Published Sept. 6 on Yahoo! News.

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