Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Naked man arrested on Norway bus

Published Oct. 25 on NewKerala.com.

Man escapes jail by the skin of his teeth

Published Oct. 25 on icNorthWales.

Man Buried in Dirt During Local Crash

Published Oct. 25 on WLNS.com.

Man sent to jail after impersonating quarterback to pick up women

Published Oct. 25 on WBIR.com.

Man found in women's outhouse told to get treatment

Published Oct. 25 in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Man arrested for allegedly carving bomb-like pumpkin

Published Oct. 23 on WHDH (NBC Boston).

Man missed cow, shot woman: Court

Published Oct. 25 in The Australian.

Man held after failing illegal alien 'test'

Published Oct. 25 on IOL (South African news site).

Missing man 'should come forward'

Published Oct. 24 on BBC News.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Man let 12-year-old drive to silence nagging

Published Oct. 24 on Stuff.co.nz (New Zealand news site).

Saturday, October 22, 2005


'Man' runs away from hospital after true gender revealed

Published Oct. 23 on Newindpress.com.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Man wants prison sentence to match Bird's jersey number

Published Oct. 20 on WTHR.com (NBC).

(AP) - An Oklahoma man got a prison term longer than prosecutors and defense attorneys had agreed to, all because of Larry Bird.
The lawyers reached a plea agreement Tuesday for a 30-year term for a man accused of shooting with an intent to kill and robbery.
But [Man] wanted his prison term to match Bird's Boston Celtics jersey number 33.
Oklahoma County District Judge Ray Elliott says the man was happy when he accommodated his request.

Man is a complete idiot.

Prosecutors Bring Murder Charge In Man's Death By Medicated Patch

Published Oct. 20 on NBC 10 News.

Man paroled after a life sentence in trouble again

Published Oct. 20 on AberdeenNews.com.

Man, Wallet Reunited After 40 Years

Published Oct. 20 on KDKA.com (Pittsburgh).

Man caught relieving himself at Lufkin Mall

Published Oct. 21 in The Lufkin Daily News.

Man killed while trying to fix his life

Published Oct. 21 in the Arizona Republic.

Naked Man Fights Off Home Invaders

Published Oct. 21 on WNBC.com.

Another chapter in the story of Naked Man -- Naked Man fights back!

Man Accused of Placing Nude Photos of Self on Cars

Published Oct. 20 on CBS58.com.

Man arrested for trying to smuggle human head

Published Oct. 21 in the Telegraph.

Gang 'kicked man to death because they were bored'

Published Oct. 21 in the Telegraph.

Man 'dead in car' gets parking fine

Published Oct. 21 on TheAge.com.

Man accused of stealing 342 bras

Published Oct. 21 in The Advocate.

Man continues driving with body through windscreen

Published Oct. 21 on Ireland On-Line.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Court refuses to recognize baby born of dead man's sperm as his

Published Oct. 1 on Japan Today.

Even after death, Man gets shafted.

Man charged in rampage incident

Published Sept. 30 on The Telegraph Online.

"NASHUA - A city man was charged with smashing mailboxes, threatening people and generally raising a ruckus in the area of Pinehurst and Sprucewood avenues late Wednesday night, police reported."

Attacker Befriends Man Then Beats Him With Fire Extinguisher, Police Say

Published Sept. 30 on TheWGALChannel.com (Penn.).

What a jerk!

Man Gets Four Years in Prison for Transgender Slaying

Published Oct. 1 on FoxNews.com.

"Four years isn't much time to spend behind bars for stabbing a man 20 times, but that's what one man got for a killing in Fresno, Calif., last year, after a blind date in a bar went terribly wrong."

Man falls asleep while siphoning gas

Published Sept. 30 in the Daily Times (Pakistan).

I found this online myself, but I must give Mr. Mike credit as well, since he passed this same headline along earlier in the week.

Man escapes chains to promote Fright Fest

Published Sept. 30 in the Daily Republic.

MAN KIlled by shears

Published Oct. 1 on Sheffield Today.

Man denies impersonation accusation

Published Oct. 1 on DelmarvaNow.com.

Man finds bones in back yard while digging

Published Oct. 1 on Connecticut Post Online.

Barred man's revenge

Published Oct. 1 in the Cambridge Evening News.

Do not mess with Barred Man's revenge.

Man Agrees To Give Up Most Exotic Animals

Published Sept. 30 on TheIndyChannel.com.

Man forced to drive despite death trauma

Published Sept. 30 on stuff.co.nz (New Zealand site).

Man was forced to drvie, despite being dead?

Man charged with lifting, separating 74 bras from store

Published Oct. 1 on wstm.com (New York NBC news station).

Man with flowered purple bag robs bank

Published Oct. 1 on NewsObserver.com.

Man aged 70 wakes to assault terror

Published Oct. 1 on Yorkshire Post Today.

Poor Man.

Man Pleads No Contest to Hiding Corpse

Published Oct. 1 on WashingtonPost.com.

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